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Awnings & Canopies

Our company manufactures, supplies and installs Awnings & Canopies, which are used as a roof or as an external shelter to a storefront, window, door or deck. Our range of Awnings & Canopies is usually engineered from plastic or canvas, which are used to cover small windows, doors, patios and decks. At the present momentum, Awnings & Canopies are given much more importance and used as a material to decorate the place and there by improve the look of a place. Mostly, these Awnings & Canopies are installed horizontally or vertically. Awnings have automation in them so they rise and close at the push of a button. At the same time they can be manually installed. Sometimes Awnings are even vertically hanged from a door. All you have to do is roll it up when you are through with the day, or roll it down to begin the day.

We offer these Awnings in a variety of colors, styles and functions. Customers can find traditional retractable awnings, awnings for residential homes and even sleek and modern designed awnings. Awnings can be used as a way for a business to advertise locally, to provide shelter from heat or cold for energy efficiency, to simply make a home more beautiful.

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